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Things to check while purchasing the best AV speaker


If you have home theaters then AV receivers are also a must. They help in having the ultimate home theater experience with advanced listening experience. These receivers are so useful, that even if pared with a rather cheap quality speaker and sub-woofer, it provides crystal clear sound quality, which can take a movie-watching experience to a different level. There are several high quality receivers in the market today. They offer great performance. But, there are few things that one must consider while buying anĀ best av receivers.

images (2)Channels supported by the speaker

If the receiver supports a number of channels, then in all probability it will support quite a number of sound options. Most AV receivers come with at least 7.1 channels. You must also make sure that you have as many speakers as the channels.

Checking the connections

It is important to check the devices as well as the connections, while banking on a particular receiver. One should never forget to check whether the receiver accepts audio signals through the HDMI cables. It should also be able to convert analog sources of videos to HDMI output.

Other features

The best AV receivers today, have the top features which can confuse you while making your pick. The features include 3D capability, built-in Wi-Fi, airplay, up scaling and many more. The more advanced features an AV has, the higher its price is. So, while choosing one, make sure to pick the right option that suits your budget. It should also suit your ear.

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